About Me

Casey L. Henley, PhDDr. Casey Henley is the Online Programs Coordinator in the Michigan State University Neuroscience Program. Her work focuses on creating successful online learning environments by implementing evidence-based teaching practices and using technology to improve student outcomes. She also takes an active role in sharing online education practices with other faculty and is in the process of creating two new, fully-online graduate certificate programs. As Online Programs Coordinator, Dr. Henley is engaged in improving accessibility of course materials and fulfills the role of Neuroscience Program web accessibility liaison.

Dr. Henley is also the faculty outreach co-coordinator in the Neuroscience Program. She has a strong interest in promoting neuroscience to the public, particularly K-12 students. The Neuroscience Program organizes many outreach events including the Brain Bee at MSU, the Neuroscience Fair, and visits to local schools.

Prior to taking on a full-time teaching role, Dr. Henley completed undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral research at MSU. Her work centered on the effects of hormones on the development of the nervous system.